About Us

Our mission at Genesis is to make the best handboard. We use quality materials to give you the most realistic experience possible. We use AAA Canadian Maple because real wood boards are better boards. We make specialty dyed boards, exotic wood boards, and designed and made our own unique mold shapes. Our boards are 3 inches wide, the biggest on the market, and our signature Genesis trucks were specially made for our man sized boards. The trucks are made strong for the tough grinds in the most epic places by the greatest of handboarding enthusiasts.  We exclusively use the best bushings, by Level-up Fingerboards, which give our trucks a smooth touch and excellent flexibility. Our wheels are real urethane for a smooth glide, real feel, and great sound. All this comes in our signature genesis box for an awesome experience. 

Each deck is shaped by hand and each board is special to me, it is a piece of me in every deck. Genesis trucks are a completely custom design, made out of 356 grade aluminum that has been T6 heat treated for added strength, with plated steel axle and kingpin to ensure that they will never rust. Our wheels are dual bearing, real urethane, and are all handmade on a lathe.

Genesis Handboards is based in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. If you have any questions or comments about anything, we would love to hear your thoughts. You may contact us at:  reno@genesishandboards.com