How to Assemble Your Handboard

Remember: this is not a toy. Do not stand on handboards. Do not ride handboards.


Proper handboard setup is essential.

You can quickly and easily assemble your handboard with these few steps.

There are two parts to assembling your new genesis.

To assemble the trucks to the deck is one part.

To place the foam grip on the deck is another part. If you wish to have the bolts showing from the top of the deck, begin your assembly process with applying the grip tape first.


Want to watch it in action?

Apply the grip tape

See a trucks assembly in real time here.

And an unboxing with edited assembly here.


To apply the grip tape: Pull the back off one end of your foam grip and place on one end of the top of the deck. Begin at one side and press firmly and evenly as you work up the deck, pulling the tape off as you work up.

Use your nifty nail file to smoothly shave the foam and cut the sticky back. You may need to go over it more than once.

*This is the most time consuming and messy portion of the assembly process. Take your time and you will have a smooth edge on your grip tape.

When the edges are done, take your handy screwdriver and press a hole in the grip tape to allow the bolt through.

To apply the trucks to the deck: Place the baseplate on the bottom of the deck with the bottom of the kingpin closest to the center.

Place a bolt through one hole and hold the bolt with a finger as you place the small lock nut in the proper position.

Hold the nut with your thumb and push down, then screw the bolt in with your handy screwdriver, until the nut turns lightly under your thumb. No need to tighten yet.

Repeat the process. Put the bolt through the deck, place the nut in the proper position, hold, and turn.

Tighten the base plates by setting your trusty wrench in the proper position on the nut and push the wrench down flat on the deck, hold with your thumb, and lightly turn the screwdriver from the top.

Next, place the large bushing on the kingpin, the hanger in the pivot cup and onto the kingpin.

Add the small bushing, washer, and 5mm nut.

Place the nut in the proper position and hold with the tip of a finger, then spin the board around your finger.

You may need to turn the nut in both directions at first. This allows the nut to thread itself while avoiding cross thread.

You may also need to push down on the hanger a bit with another finger to expose the threads.

Then use your trusty wrench to slowly tighten.

To assemble the wheels, place the wheel washer and wheel onto the axle, and the 5mm lock nut in the proper position.

Now use your trusty wrench to lightly turn until finger tight.

No need to over tighten.


Remember: this is not a toy. Do not stand on handboards. Do not ride handboards.