Professional Handboards

With metal trucks, LevelUp Pro bushings, urethane wheels, and real wood decks that come in adult size, genesis handboards are elegant, epic, and tough for even the greatest of handboard enthusiasts.

Stop breaking your handboard.

Wear it out.

Because, this is not a toy.

It's a genesis.

What is a Handboard anyway?

How do you use a handboard?

Why Genesis?

No cookie cutter handboards here

Real wood decks are a genesis specialty


Genesis Handboards makes the highest quality handboard products in the world. I have been a handboarder for over a decade and have tried everything on the market and nothing even comes close to matching the quality / durability / overall craftsman ship of a Genesis product. I have used other company’s products and after a few months was already in need of replacements. With Genesis, the boards last significantly longer than the competition, and have, in my opinion, much better shapes with better concave and more pop on the nose and tail.

The trucks, wheels, bearings and hardware are all made with extreme care and can take an absolute pounding without breaking or showing any signs of wear / degradation.

If you are looking for a handboard that was made with the care and craftsmanship of a real skateboard, look no further! Genesis Handboards makes the best products on the market and you will not be disappointed with anything from this company. I cannot recommend them highly enough.




To put it simply, Genesis handboards are the best thing to EVER happen to handboarding. The size, shape, trucks, wheels, tuning. Absolutely everything about them is just perfect. The pop they have, the strength and everlasting trucks with the best tuning on the handboard market, the dual bearing real wheel feel. These completes are second to NONE. If you handboard and don't own one of these its a sin! GENESIS OR DIE!


Genesis Handboards are definitely the best Handboards on the market, without question. The customer service is also unmatched. The product speaks for itself and the trucks are practically INDESTRUCTIBLE! Be sure to get yourself a Genesis Handboard complete, because it’s definitely the best handboard that money can buy!